Distro Horizons vs. Galaximo's Army
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Developer(s) Kitatus Studios
Designer(s) Ryan Shah, Scarlett Juzzle
Platform(s) Windows, OS X, Linux

Genre(s) Platforming, Action-Adventure
Mode(s) Single-Player
Distribution Download-Only

Distro Horizons VS. Galaximo's Army (Japanese: ディストリビューホライズンVS。 Galaximo軍) is a 3D collectathon platforming game currently being developed by Kitatus Studios. The projected release date is Summer 2014 and is planned for Windows, OS X and Linux. This title is the first title of Distro Horizons series which focuses on the adventures of Distro Horizons and Teddy.


The story follows the origin story of Distro Horizons and his first adventure with Teddy, his stuffed animal side-kick. The game starts off with Distro asleep in his bed when he hears a crashing sound in the garden. Running to see what the noise is, he watches as his parents and his friend Teddy are abducted by the Alien overlord Galaximo. He quickly chases after the beam of light that took his family and friends and is also abudcted. Distro is taken to Galaximo, who orders him to a holding cell. As Distro is being taken to the prison, Teddy breaks him free and together they attempt to save everyone who Galaximo has abducted.


Distro Horizons VS. Galaximo's Army is a single-player collectathon game in which the player controls the protagonists Distro Horizons and Teddy. The game is severed into various open world levels in which players must collect jigsaw pieces, coins and vinyls in order to unlock other worlds. Players travel to different worlds though an virtual area dubbed the "World Chaser", which acts as the game's overworld. Collecting Vinyls allow the player to unlock new "Worlds" which opens up new levels while jigsaw pieces act as XP would in an RPG game; collecting Jigsaw Pieces allow players to upgrade Distro's and Teddy's abilities respectively.